Debbie Graham & Associates - What We Do:

Debbie Graham & Associates Limited (DGA) is a privately owned New Zealand recruitment company specialising in accounting, banking, finance and executive positions in commercial and general management. The business was established in November 1990 and has grown from a small company 23 years ago to a brand which is well known and respected in the business community both in New Zealand and overseas.

DGA works with multi-nationals and New Zealand corporates, as well as major banks, finance companies, chartered accounting firms, fund managers, investment banks, and stockbrokers. Our Head Office is based in Auckland, with a presence in Wellington and associate companies in Christchurch, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

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You can find out more about Debbie Graham & Associates by visiting the our main website.

About This Salary Portal:

'DGA Salary Guide' by Debbie Graham & Associates is a specialist salary comparison website designed specifically to help employees in the New Zealand Banking, Financial Services and Accounting industry.

The site delivers relevant, real time NZ-centric salary information.

Salary data is entered online by New Zealand Banking, Financial Services and Accounting professionals and compiled anonymously so that New Zealanders, free of charge, can determine how their salary compares to their industry colleagues.

All salary data is shown ‘live’ (in real time) – so the moment salary data is entered it becomes available to the entire community. Finally a NZ-based website that delivers up to the minute salary data at your fingertips!

Importantly, the impact of factors such as company size, gender, location, industry, years of experience, and number of direct reports can also be included in salary searches to ensure the most accurate and relevant salary data is delivered to you.

The information is 100% free for anyone to view. 

A full search engine of some of the New Zealand Banking, Financial Services and Accounting sector's BEST JOBS are also available as a part of this salary portal. Search or browse these jobs now.

Debbie Graham & Associates has re-licensed the salary portal technology from Australian firm - Quinntessential Marketing.

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